In 1976 SABIC was just an idea. Created by Royal Decree. A small group of passionate people working together to build a meaningful company. This small group has grown. Today, the company has operations in over 50 countries with a global workforce of over 33,000 talented individuals. Proud to be one of the world’s most advanced and most sustainable chemical companies. Since SABIC’s founding, its employees have exhibited a remarkable ability to do what others said couldn’t be done. The company’s key success factor is the ‘chemistry’ of the community of people from all over the world. Together, they are responsible for SABIC’ success and they call it ‘Chemistry that matters’.

“Chemistry is also key when it comes to working with suppliers,” says Global Procurement Lead Rod Winter. “Since 2015 we have outsourced our European fleet management to Dragintra. They are our single point of contact for employees with their car-related questions in the Netherlands, Italy, France and 15 other countries. Dragintra has helped us design our global fleet proposition, in which the policy directs implementation and the ensuing operational activities. Cost savings, sustainability and employee satisfaction are the main KPIs against which Dragintra’s service levels are measured. Dragintra translates all data into transparent and useful information needed for supplier management, decision making processes and ensuing policy changes.”